Sam Lipscomb FRC3182

Athena’s Warriors from West Hartford, CT
Mentor since 2010

FIRST History: FRC230 alum, FRC3780 mentor, FRC5563 mentor
Boston College, BA Communications

Bio: Sam took a Video and Photography class as a freshman in high school and was recruited to join the Gaelhawks to help with the Autodesk animation. She had no idea what she was getting into until kickoff for Stack Attack in 2003, and then she was hooked. Since Boston College does not have an engineering program, Sam got her FIRST fix by volunteering at the FIRST Boston Regional as a field reset volunteer and has since volunteered at more than 50 events in almost every role role available. Over the years her brothers and parents have gotten involved as well and the Lipscombs can be seen at many New England FIRST events all throughout the year. Having mentored teams in Boston and Providence since graduating, she now helps local CT teams with web and social media presence, award presentations and branding ideas. Sam is an account manager for a company that designs and develops web sites and software for schools.