Ernie Smoker

Mentor since 2004
FIRST History: Mentor FRC558
Education: SUNY Maritime College, BS Marine Engineering; University of New Haven, MS Environmental Engineering & MS Education

Manaf Sami

Mentor since 2017 | FIRST History: Student FRC558 | Education: UConn student

Alan DiCicco

Mentor since 2008 | FIRST History: Student FRC1591, Mentor FRC229 | Education: Clarkson University, BS Mechanical Engineering

Matt Crossman

Mentor since 2010 | FIRST History: Mentor FRC178 | Education: Tunxis, AS Engineering Science; Central Connecticut, BS Mechanical Engineering (in progress)

David Maciel

Mentor since 2014 | FIRST History: Student FRC3525, Mentor FRC3525 | Education: Kaynor Technical HS, CADD Degree

Matt Simpson

Mentor since 2009 |
FIRST History: Student FRC75, Mentor FRC190 |
Education: WPI, BS Robotics Engineering

Bailey Kahl

Mentor since 2016 | FIRST History: Student FRC195, Mentor FRC125 | Education: Wentworth 2019

Chris Picone

Mentor since 2009 |
FIRST History: Student FRC1714, Mentor FRC2791 |
Education: RPI, BS Mechanical Engineering

Shahil Kantesaria

Mentor since 2011 |
FIRST History: Student FRC176 |
Education: WPI, BS Electrical and Computer Engineering